The years of living faithfully

By James Huang, M.D.

I still hold onto the engraved stone that was given to me by Sr. Judith with the inscription “Be the change that you wish to see in the World - Gandhi.”

These words remind me about why I joined VSC West. I wished to see a more just, equitable world and to start, I knew that I had to begin with service. 

The two years that I spent in Los Angeles, living in community, serving my fellow neighbors, taught me many things. I got a small glimpse into the lives of our clients, the struggles and successes they experienced, which has given me a deep compassion and commitment to my current work. 

I also learned the importance of being an instrument for change as an advocate, as well as the importance of community. Even though my former VSC volunteers and colleagues are spread across the U.S., we still keep in touch, celebrating life milestones such as weddings and growing families. 

Now, as a family medicine physician, I try to embody Gandhi’s words, and live my life advocating for health equity for my patients and my community. 

eva Smythe