Placement Sites

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De Marillac Academy

Description: Located in the Tenderloin district, De Marillac is a 4th through 8thgrade school that offers a high-quality education to the low-income, under-served children of San Francisco. Volunteers must have a college degree or related life/work experience and interest in education.

Our Lady of the Visitacion School

Description: Our Lady of the Visitacion is located in the Visitacion Valley district, next to the largest housing project in San Francisco. This K to 8thgrade school seeks to help its students find an alternative to the poverty surrounding them by providing a nurturing learning environment. Volunteers must have a college degree, or related life/work experience and interest in education.

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory

Description: SHC is a Catholic, college preparatory high school located in the heart of San Francisco’s cultural center. SHC provides an academically rigorous and intellectually stimulating experience for students, guiding them to achieve their very best. SHC strives to tap their students’ talents and passions and support them in their interests. Students at SHC will find that they have all the tools and technology at their fingertips to succeed. *non-AmeriCorps position

Social Services & Other Outreach Programs

Epiphany Center

Description: The Epiphany Center offers family treatment, residential recovery, in-home services, and a pediatric clinic. These programs enhance the physical, socio-emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth of each person in their care.

Current needs: “We could use a volunteer working full time in our child development center supporting teachers with infants and toddlers newborn to 3 years of age…supporting with children and also doing minor household tasks (preparing bottles, lunches, clean up, setting up spaces). We’d really like help in some Early Head Start data entry and paperwork.

Ideal for: Learning about infant mental health and early intervention for prenatal drug exposure, someone interested in psychology as a career, children is where it all begins! We’d give the training to be effective, someone who has a heart for children

Society of St. Vincent de Paul — Riley Center

Description: The Riley Center is a domestic violence program that offers a 24-hour crisis hotline and emergency and transitional shelters for women and their children living in abusive situations. Volunteers must have a college degree or related life/work experience, be ready to provide support to clients, have a willingness to work with diverse populations, and good communication skills.

The Gubbio Project

Description: The Gubbio Project seeks to create a safe place for our homeless neighbors who find refuge in our Church. The goals of The Gubbio Project are to provide a clean, beautiful, quiet, and safe space for people to rest during the day and cultivate a sense of community among the homeless and a sense of understanding and shared responsibility in the broader community.

San Francisco Day Labor Program and Women’s Collective

The San Francisco Day Labor Program & Women’s Collective unites, empowers, and organizes day laborers and domestic workers for dignified work and fair wages. They operate a leadership model where immigrant workers who come seeking employment and community become peer advocates, trainers, and community organizers. They operate the collective and advance the rights of immigrants, women, and low wage workers. At the Worker Center, beyond offering job opportunities, they serve as a second home; where members learn about their rights, are instilled with pride in their work and themselves, and participate in ESL, computer literacy, job training, and theater courses. They also have access to a medical clinic and food pantry. This program can offer a rich experience in service-provision, coaching, and community building for someone who is inspired and hoping to learn from their organization model and the wisdom of their members.