Meet our Partner Organizations.

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de marillac academy

De Marillac offers an innovative, holistic and high-quality Catholic education to the underserved children and youth of San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. Working with 4th through 8th graders, as well as graduates, De Marillac provides students with opportunities to break the cycle of poverty through education, character development, faith formation and service-oriented leadership. Available positions.


The Epiphany Center offers family treatment, residential recovery, in-home services, and a pediatric clinic. These programs enhance the physical, socio-emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth of each person in their care. Available positions.

our lady of the visitacion school

Our Lady of the Visitacion is located in the Visitacion Valley district, next to the largest housing project in San Francisco. This K through 8th grade school seeks to help its students find an alternative to the poverty surrounding them by providing a nurturing learning environment. Volunteers must have a college degree, or related life/work experience and interest in education. Available positions.

THE Gubbio Project

The Gubbio Project seeks to create a safe place for our homeless neighbors who find refuge in the sanctuary of our two churches. The goals of The Gubbio Project are to provide a clean, beautiful, quiet, and safe place for people to rest during the day and cultivate a sense of community among the homeless and a sense of understanding and shared responsibility for the broader community. Available positions.